L.A’s vintage Golyester, Esther Ginsberg & Disney sequin denim jacket by Desdemona Style & Vintage

Desdemona came across this wild vintage 90s denim jacket yesterday with HUGE sequin applique of Disney characters Bambi & Thumper on,
None of our team here at Desdemona are particularly Disney fans, but this was just too fabulous a piece to leave hanging on the rail, and we knew it was destined for better things.
vintage 90s disney sequin jacket denim jean bambi90s vintage disney sequin denim jean jacket fashion bambiDisney Bambi sequin denim jacket 90s

The jacket was put on Etsy and snapped up within a couple of hours by the one and only Esther Ginsberg, owner of L.A’s legendary Golyester vintage store, Established in 1976 by Esther Ginsberg, the name Golyester is believed to have came about by friends swooning over Esthers vast vintage collection, gasping “Golly Esther!” at her wondrous finds.

Golyester has celebrity customers such as Dita Von Teese, Victoria Beckham & top celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has named it as one of her favourite vintage stores. Golyester’s impressive inventory inspires designers and costumers alike, and has graced the pages of Vogue magazine and the L.A. Times

All items are hand picked by Esther herself, and we are proud that she picked this piece from us!






Jimmy Raye & Desdemona Style & Vintage

We were absolutely over the moon to have sent a piece to Jimmy Raye, collector of vintage in Salam, U.S.A. The whole first floor of Jimmys home is filled to the brim with vintage and laid out like a museum, he loans pieces to museums and exhibitions across America.
He has some sought after vintage pieces that any vintage collector/dealer would happily trade a leg in for!
Iris Apfel is a fan of his and when she visited his home she said “He puts me to shame!”
This photo is just the tip of the fashion iceberg!


If are wondering which piece he had from us it was the amazing vintage 1960s J. Tiktiner mustard embroidered velvet resort wear swimsuit & cover
Vintage genuine 1960s J. Tiktiner mustard velvet embroidered lace up swimsuit maxi waistcoat cover pool party Resort cote d'azur RARE

Handbags to flatter your body shape

I have been dubbed the handbag queen as I do own quite a few handbags and one of the things I specialize in is buying and selling bags, whether it be a vintage bag, designer bag, quality branded bag or a used leather bag, lets say I know a thing or two about handbags.
So I could write a blog on the different components, whether it has a flex frame or 40mm D rings or a U-shape press clasp fastening, but that’s only going to make me sound like more of a geek than I already am, and that’s not going to help you out much.
But I’ve thought of a way that might help you out somewhat…..
“How to choose a handbag to flatter your body shape”

Now we’ve all heard of making sure we are wearing the right fit dress or the right cut jeans ( if you want tips on jeans to flatter your butt then check out my previous blog HERE ) but I bet you haven’t thought too much about the bag you are carrying can make you look out of proportion. So here’s a few quick tricks on choosing the best handbag style for you.

1cd7e38105d18246833256ae73c9762f h9991471_001bodytypepear_qkqb49Top heavy  or apple shape ladies should avoid large shoulder bags that sit between your underarm and waist as this will add bulk to this area and only make this part appear wider, (instead opt for a cross body bag that will sit low on your hips) However if you are a pear shape with narrow shoulders, average bust but larger hips then the large shoulder bag will flatter your body shape by adding volume up top and balance out your hips creating an hourglass silhouette.


You hourglass ladies can carry any style of bag as your bodies are already balanced, but you do have something to consider…
Size…. So our plus size hour glass ladies should never carry a small bag, this will only make you appear larger in comparison, equally, our petite hour glass ladies should refrain from carrying too oversized bag as you will appear smaller by comparison.
My last little tip is try a backpack as they suit all body types, if that’s your thing!

I really hope this has helped you out somewhat when choosing your handbag, if you have and queries or would like me to go into more detail on this, please feel free to contact me



Autumn at Desdemona Style

Heya Ladies, so Autumn is definitely here now

I love summer, but it is one of the busiest times for me, work wise, so I do look forward to Autumn, to digging out all the comfy jumpers, boots, vintage coats and black opaque tights (at least 70 denier).
Also I love the colour of the trees this time of year, I like driving in the rain, and when I get in, snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket, my slippers and a warming homemade soup.
What are your favourite things about Autumn? (or Fall I suppose if you are reading this in the US)

What are your favourite pieces that you always wear come the Autumn months?

Desdemona has some Ah-mazing pieces coming up for you this A/W. I’m going to show you just a couple of bits here now…
starting with this Original Welsh tapestry cape  in a blue and tan brown geometric pattern and 2 leather covered buttons at the neck which makes a really cute detail.


then there’s these black patent Chelsea boots by Peter Kaiser

Image result for peter kaiser patent chelsea bootImage result for peter kaiser patent chelsea bootImage result for peter kaiser patent chelsea bootImage result for peter kaiser patent chelsea boot

Last but not least we have this ‘Penny Lane’ Vintage afghan coat by ILGWU Union made original 1970s, faux suede with faux fur trim


The label inside is the International Ladies Garment Workers Union


The union was founded in the summer of 1900 in New York, and had primarily female members.

The Garment Worker (1984) by Judith Weller was commissioned by the ILGWU and the Public Art Fund, and donated to the City of New York. It is on permanent display outside 555 Seventh Avenue, between West 39th and 40th Streets in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan. It portrays a garment worker at a sewing machine and is intended as a reminder of the role of the ILGWU’s members in making New York one of the garment and fashion centers of the world.




Kinda groovy huh?

thanks for reading….

Happy Birthday Chanel!

To celebrate today being the birthday of Coco Chanel
Desdemona’s got a Chanel-shaped treat for you.

Our original ’82 Rolling Stones tour t-shirt sold within 5 mins of being listed, but hopefully a few more of you will get a chance at these…. before I show you, I thought maybe you’d like to hear a bit about the creator of the Chanel fashion house, Coco herself….

Born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel on the 19th August 1883.

She is known as one of the most influential fashion designers of all time

She was raised in an orphanage, where she was taught to sew, Chanel begun her career in fashion as a milliner,

she then went on to create beautiful, less restricting clothing for women during the first world war, the first “Sporty-Chic” if you will.

Her clothing became popular because of the attention to detail in her garments for example the ‘cardigan suit’ where the hem of the cardigan was weighted with chain so it would hang straight, So although I say Sporty-Chic, it was definitely more Posh Spice than Sporty Spice.

Then in 1927 Chanel launched possibly her most notorious item, her Chanel No.5 fragrance, 5 being her lucky number, and has become one of the most iconic scents ever.
Chanel gave out free bottles of Chanel No.5 to the American G.I. troops to take back home to their wives,
and got the ultimate celebrity endorsement when Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore in bed and she replied with ” Chanel No.5, of course”

Chanels’ style is often depicted as a lot of black and white, it was Chanel who introduced black as a “fashion colour”. Before Chanel, to dress in all black was only for mourning.
Chanel designed her infamous black jersey dress (jersey was a fabric that was previously used for mens underwear) and she would often dress in all black herself, now it is considered chic and often professional to dress in all black.

Chanel was introduced to the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Richmond Arthur Grosvenor and started a ten year affair, which brought her to London, England.
It is rumored that the interlocking C Chanel logo was inspired by the very similar logo on the lampposts of Westminster. (The W is for Westminster and the CC is for City Council)

Chanel westminster post

Some coincidence, right? Who knows

There are a few rumors as to how Chanel got her “Coco” nickname, it is believed that it was taken from one of the songs she would sing back in her cabaret days as a young girl ‘Qui qu’a vu Coco!’

There is another rumor…. that ‘Coco’ threw the most outstanding cocaine parties in the whole of Paris!!
Chanel was a drug user, she injected herself with Morphine daily for about 35 years leading up to her death in 1971 in the Hotel Ritz in Paris.

So what has Desdemona got for you……. Well these are definitely sporty-chic

Vintage 1990’s Chanel flatform tennis shoes / sneakers in black and ivory leather with rubber soles


now you can still be stylish while running errands in flats, in fact, flats have been spotted more and more on the catwalk over the last few years, and I’m pretty sure Alexa Chung would want these!!
to take a look at the listing click here  →  Vintage 90s Chanel tennis shoes

right I’m off to have a Cocoffee and start getting things ready for our pop up shop at The Rochester Flea next weekend

speak soon







The Rolling Stones – Exhibitionism

Well, it’s safe to say they left no Stone unturned (see what I did there) when putting together this exhibition

Over 500 original Stones artifacts from the bands fifty year history spread over the entire two floors of the Saatchi Gallery,
never before seen paraphernalia to rare instruments, iconic costumes, rare video footage & personal diaries

along side a vast array of collaboratory works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Martin Scorsese, Alexander McQueen, and the King of Kings Road Ossie Clark.

Even a recreation of Mick, Keith and Brians early 60s flat in Edith Grove, Chelsea where it looks like there were likely to be more rats than possessions in there, I bet there’s not many Chelsea flats that look like that nowadays!!

The guitars and style section is what got my heart racing, as this is a Style blog, I’m gonna talk to you a little about that.

so here it is…


There were some amazing pieces in there from the 1960s right up to Jaggers 2013 gold brocade L’ Wren Scott jacket that he wore at Hyde Park

as for the vintage pieces……… you may want to sit down for this….
Granny Takes A Trip, among them is a gorgeous jacket of Keiths, Mr. Fish, Mr. Freedom, Hung on You, Lord Kitchener Valet it goes on…. pieces from every boutique on the Kings Road & Carnaby Street in the 60s


photo 2

..and these Ossie Clark jumpsuits especially made for Jagger to wear on tour (“His road manager loved that,” Ossie once said, “because you could just chuck them in the washing machine after each show”) – this gold number was worn on the 1972 America tour for ‘Exile On Main Street’ and the white was recently worn by Kate Moss for an editorial in last Mays Vogue magazine

I won’t give away too much more, because I think you need to visit this for yourselves, just for the buzzing atmosphere alone. keep your eyes and ears peeled for this if you are not local to London because I’ve heard its touring after its finished at the Saatchi Gallery.

for more check out my You Tube Video Here

exhibitionism rolling stones blog


So lets drink to that….

My fashionation with Chris Francis Shoes

*Splashes cold water in your face*

Wake Up! I understand the boots you’ve just seen are absolutely faintworthy but read on….

So, there I was waiting in the Post Office que scrolling through Instagram at fashion/vintage related pics (and the cute dogs, double tap, love them all) when WALLOP! these boots jumped out at me, I’m sure I felt the force of the platform up the back of my head!
I can not believe these platform boots, but they look so much like originals, I thought they had to be vintage Terry de Havillands?!
They wouldn’t look out of place on the feet of Brian Connolly of Sweet stomping around belting out Blockbuster on Top of the Pops in ’73

But no, these feet sculptures are the work of shoe designer & maker Chris Francis, in L.A

He creates one-of-a-kind shoes by appointment only, and custom-sized for every client (lucky b*stards). Including a string of celebrity customers. He finds inspiration in every aspect of his life from his favorite books, to the music he listens to, to a flea market find.  All of his shoes are handmade with no technology involved, just a few pieces of hand-powered old shoemaking equipment. “The only technology I use is my iPhone for music,” he says.

His Instagram has some great pics of the process of the shoes being made step by step in his studio @chrisfrancisshoes

Artist in Action

"Untitled" by Chris Francis. On display at Craft and Folk Art Museum. | Photo: Courtesy of the museum.

Really now?! just stop!
Google him, and if you’re ever in L.A get him to send me over a pair of the Biba-esque black and gold peep toe Mary Janes in the photo above, size U.K 5, right!

Home made Nakd bars, gluten free / vegan / no added sugar healthy snacks

I’m going to start off with wishing you all a very happy 2016, hope you’ve all set your goals by now, however this post is not about ‘new years resolutions’ (personally I think you can set yourself a goal anytime of the year, why wait till January ?!?)
But this post may help any of you that want to take a step to become healthier, perhaps cut down on sugary foods or want to try raw/vegan/gluten free treats…

I have loved and been regularly eating Nakd bars since I first tried them 2 years ago, but 75p each is kinda expensive if you want to eat a couple a day… that adds around £42 a month on my food shop just for Nakd bars! You’re havin’ a bubble!!

They tell you exactly whats in each bar on the packet in percentages so that’s dead easy to convert into a recipe….. so I did…..

I got 12 bars and 12 balls (or around 20 bars) for £3 (plus I have plenty of cocoa left for the next lots)
It would cost £15 to buy 20 Nakd bars, so this treat gives you a healthy waistline as well as a healthy bank balance **WIN WIN**
So heres how its done, its so easy…

I put 400g of softened dates

70g of raw cashews

and 1&1/2 tsp of Cocoa powder

in the food processor blitz until it all came together and made a cookie dough consistency, then put the mixture in the fridge for 30 mins to cool/harden which makes it easier to work with as it is quite sticky
Then, rolled out the mixture on a surface sprinkled with more cocoa and cut into bars or rolled into balls (some of the balls I rolled in crushed cashews). Done! Bobs ya uncle!
Keep them refrigerated or they do freeze so pop half of them in the freezer and get them out when you’re running out

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, give it a go its really easy




My Christmas checklist & Festive fashion solutions for this party season (for Jillzyne)

Hey! I’m going to start this off by wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

So…. what are your plans for Christmas/New Year??

We are all ready for Christmas at home here….

  • Decorations up
  • Presents sorted
  • and wrapped
  • Cards sent
  • House tidy (ish)
  • All work done and wound down for the holidays
  • Food & drink in
  • Home Alone watched (its a tradition to watch it each year)
  • Outfits sorted

……On that note what have you got planned to wear?

Here is my piece I wrote for Jillzyne, I have shared some tips and tricks on how to survive the holiday season in heels, How to avoid hat hair, and office party attire…


I hope you have enjoyed reading, I apologize this is rather short and sweet

I’d love to see your Christmas trees/outfits/presents comment below with your URL and I’ll take a look 🙂

Wonderful Warming Winter Fashions (Editorial for Jillzyne)

Hey readers! I hope you are managing to stay warm on this blustery November day, Brrrr!

Last month I was approached by Jill from Jillzyne to write a short article on Winter Fashion for the Jillzyne readers and include some of my top picks from the high street this season

I hope the colour palette I’ve chosen will warm your cockles and blow away them winter blues…….. So here it is……..


Hayley’s Top Picks

“So Winter fashion….. I just love all the rich jewel & natural tones… Emerald green, Heather, Conker, Rust, Navy, Gold, Amethyst, Sand
These are all the colours that are proven to be flattering on all skin tones (and let’s be honest we all need a little help just to look alive in the cold weather, let alone healthy)
These shades are sophisticated yet fun and easier than you’d think to mix and match and somehow they all just work together.
Team navy with rust & oatmeal or emerald green with peacock blue & mustard with mushroom……… Mustard? Mushroom? Oatmeal…???? Sounds more like a recipe than a fashion colour palette!
But that’s just it….. I believe that’s why all these colours all go together and complement each other so well, is because they are found in nature together side by side, and there’s nothing more beautiful than natures own creations. Right?

All these hues make for great layering, Trust Me! Try it! Especially if you are anything like me and slip so easily into the head-to-toe-black rut in the winter months
The skies may be grey but your outfits don’t have to be.”

All garments above available from newlook.com topshop.com zara.com/uk & Desdemona Style & Vintage

How gorgeous are the sandy coloured suede chelsea boots, the flared jeans, rust felt hat, camel wool coat and paisley pattern pussy bow blouse… ?!

They are my #LustHaves

Its still not too late to order your own copy of Jillzyne, I’m sure if you contact Jill she will be happy to send you one

Right then, I’m off to put the kettle on

Thanks for reading, bye for now xx