#RedHairDontCare / La Riche Directions Poppy Red hair colour / colour blow dry and finish / hairdressing training

Hey! how you all doing??quick post here to show you what I done in college last week

I had my first ‘client’ as such
The beautiful Ellie came in to have have her hair dyed using La Riche Directions shade: Poppy Red
then blown out smooth using a little serum and a large round brush
then just a little twisting of the ends with the flat irons
I think she looks stunning (even if I do say so myself )
What do you think?
So just a little update….. Ellie came in again when this red had washed out and we tried Crazy Color: Fire
and here is the outcome…
Before                   After
Before and After Crazy Color
I applied the colour to the roots first this time then went through and did mid length to ends, as the Directions colour we used last time, didn’t take as well on the roots. This time the colour was lovely and bright and even
I would recommend either of these colours
here’s the products themselves



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