Home made Nakd bars, gluten free / vegan / no added sugar healthy snacks

I’m going to start off with wishing you all a very happy 2016, hope you’ve all set your goals by now, however this post is not about ‘new years resolutions’ (personally I think you can set yourself a goal anytime of the year, why wait till January ?!?)
But this post may help any of you that want to take a step to become healthier, perhaps cut down on sugary foods or want to try raw/vegan/gluten free treats…

I have loved and been regularly eating Nakd bars since I first tried them 2 years ago, but 75p each is kinda expensive if you want to eat a couple a day… that adds around £42 a month on my food shop just for Nakd bars! You’re havin’ a bubble!!

They tell you exactly whats in each bar on the packet in percentages so that’s dead easy to convert into a recipe….. so I did…..

I got 12 bars and 12 balls (or around 20 bars) for £3 (plus I have plenty of cocoa left for the next lots)
It would cost £15 to buy 20 Nakd bars, so this treat gives you a healthy waistline as well as a healthy bank balance **WIN WIN**
So heres how its done, its so easy…

I put 400g of softened dates

70g of raw cashews

and 1&1/2 tsp of Cocoa powder

in the food processor blitz until it all came together and made a cookie dough consistency, then put the mixture in the fridge for 30 mins to cool/harden which makes it easier to work with as it is quite sticky
Then, rolled out the mixture on a surface sprinkled with more cocoa and cut into bars or rolled into balls (some of the balls I rolled in crushed cashews). Done! Bobs ya uncle!
Keep them refrigerated or they do freeze so pop half of them in the freezer and get them out when you’re running out

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, give it a go its really easy